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Aside from the most well known affects of massage therapy, relaxation and stress reduction, it has innumerable benefits for the recipient.  Massage promotes circulation, and facilitates recovery from strenuous or repetitive activities. Massage can also help to heal scar tissue and alleviate headache pain as well as pain from chronic conditions such as scoliosis and plantar fasciitis.  Women who are pregnant also find great relief from regular massage throughout their pregnancy and after giving birth.

Maggie tailors each massage in order to address this wide scope of needs and help meet the goals of the individual client. Using a combination of Swedish and myofascial massage, trigger point work, and stretching, Maggie will work with you to allow the soft tissue, muscle, tendons and ligaments to let go of unhealthy and often lifelong holding patterns.

Please read the descriptions below and choose which type of massage you would like.



This massage is for the person just looking for some time to escape and de-stress. This massage can range from light to strong pressure. There will be compression of the muscles as well as long gliding stokes applied with oil, and passive range of motion to major joints


This massage is for the person with one or more specific conditions they are looking to help correct or alleviate the symptoms of. This kind of treatment can feel uncomfortable, but can help to relieve pain and restore normal posture and range of motion. The massage will start with work to address the client’s chief compliant, generally applying sustained compression to a muscle, or tendon to allow it to release. Compression of ligaments or scar tissue, resisted stretches and joint mobilization techniques may also be applied.


Pre/Post Natal

This massage is for women in any stage of the reproductive cycle. It can be used to alleviate the common pains and discomforts associated with pregnancy or more specific issues resulting from pregnancy and giving birth. Massage is done in a sidelying position, but can be done belly down as long as is tolerable for the mother. New mothers are welcome to keep their baby with them on the table while receiving their massage.



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