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Add On Services

Head Massage

The skull is covered with muscles and fascia, the jaw connected by ligaments and the scalp rich with nerve endings. This massage focuses on these often overlooked features and combines trigger point and fascial release to the muscles with a rejuvenating scalp massage. Hot oil and scented essential oils can be used for this massage to enhance the experience.

Foot Massage  

When it comes time for a massage, despite their crucial role in supporting the body and bearing hundreds of pounds of weight for hours each day, the feet are often glossed over. This massage focuses on the soft tissue around the heels, arches and balls of the feet to decrease foot pain, increase mobility and promote health throughout the entire body.

 Self-Massage Instruction

Massage can play a critical role and relaxation and recovery. It is even more effective if done regularly. By learning the basics of self-massage, you can extend the benefits of each massage you receive.